Dana Love

Named “one of the big names in big data” by Wired Magazine, acclaimed as “a guru of transformation in big data” by Oracle's Profit Magazine, and called “a mathematical genius designing complex technologies” by Richmond’s Style Weekly, Dana Love has a more than 25-year career driving growth, consolidation, innovation, and business transformation as an executive-level revenue leader, technologist, and marketer.


A creative and dynamic leader recognized for his ability to motivate employees to take pride in their efforts, do their best work, and grow as a team.



A senior executive with a proven record of revenue success (twice in INC500, five times in INC5000) at premier businesses and start-up ventures.



An innovative founder and team leader who embraces the challenge of building from the ground up, and who defines effectively executes strategy.



Dana Love

Some of Dana's Achievements

Dana Love has demonstrated the ability to mentor and coach national and global sales teams to strong growth. His teams have exceeded quota in each of the last ten years, he has six years where annual growth was greater than 100%, and businesses he has run have been on the INC500 twice and the INC5000 five times!

Dana is also well regarded as an executive who turns around underperforming teams. From his work in early childhood education as Hatch's vice president of sales and marketing, where he reversed a three year decline in sales and market share, to his work as Prosodie Interactive's executive vice president of sales and marketing, where he blended the service offerings of five rolled up IVR businesses and delivered the largest contract in company history, to his effort at publicly traded ADC Telecommunications, where his work launched his division to the top performing group in ADC, Dana is known to reliably produce results.

  • “Dana Love is the person that you want to work for and work with every day. If opportunity to work with him again lined up, I would jump at that chance. Dana knows how to push you to get better and without you knowing it, he also gets you to push yourself. He has the presence of mind to allow his team members to try new things and explore different solutions when objections, problems, or obstacles are encountered. Although he already knows what needs to be done and what will work best, to him, gaining experience of working through to a solution is part of learning how to avoid those same issues the next time. Truly looking out for what is best for the company he will do what he needs to do in order to keep everyone on track until the finish lined is crossed with a win, and then Dana will undoubtedly already be thinking and planning for the next finish line so he can get another win.”

    Adam Griffen
    Sales Director at Hatch Early Learning
  • “Dana Love is one of the truly extraordinary people that I have had the pleasure of working with in my career. He is that rare individual that combines remarkable intelligence with a genuine curiosity about the ideas and perspectives of others, which he will consider without prejudice. This informs his generally creative approach to finding solutions and his “Out of the Box” thinking about what is possible and achievable.
    As illustrated by the success that he has had at every stage of his career, he delights in applying his considerable intellect and talents to a challenge, and his refreshingly clear thinking and “Big Picture” view of what is important and meaningful inspires the people around him.”

    John Rapp
    Regional Director, Cloud & Managed Services at Core BTS, Inc.
  • “Dana was a terrific mentor and coach as I built Hatch's Lead Generation team. Within 8 hours of joining the company, Dana was spending time with me and my team, coaching on techniques to improve conversation and listening to our ideas to expand the teams reach. He shepherded the Lead Generation team into Hatch's inside sales process, refined key performance indicators that helped identify areas of strength and areas of improvement, and built a culture of shared success. He took a real interest in my personal development, helped me to hit and surpass every goal placed in front of me and my team for two years straight.”

    Lance Widener
    Sales Manager at Hatch Early Learning
  • “Dana is one of those rare personalities who leaves a lasting positive impression on the people he touches. He combines exceptional business acumen and strategic insight with a keen sense for what makes people tick. Dana sets very high standards for the quality of his work and expects the same from those around him.

    On the two projects where we brought in Dana's firm, we benefited from his analytical nature and his technical savvy. Dana is a dynamo as a relationship manager.”

    Erin Morris
    Principal Consultant at CSC
  • “Dana distinguishes himself from other highly effective, senior-level consulting executives along a couple of key dimensions. First, he expertly applies consultative selling and relationship marketing in equal measure. Serving as an information concierge and as a conduit for the analysis and resolution of business problems, Dana helped us devise innovative solutions, and, in turn, to achieve impressive results.”

    Samantha Calvert
    Senior Vice President at Biogen IDIC
  • “Dana is a process-oriented leader with a great capacity for mentoring. He led client interaction on five large CRM projects over nearly five years where I served as technical lead, and I watched him manage technical pre- and post-sales issues, coach his sales team on closing, deal with client management, and mentor the delivery team.”

    Rachel McNamara
    Technology Consultant at BrightDawn
  • “Dana has been an incredible coach and mentor to me over the past three years. His leadership style is collegial and inviting, and he always takes the time to explain his reasoning to me, which is the perfect coaching style for me. I have seen Dana source and pace in hundreds of meetings and close tens of millions of dollars in business, then roll up his sleeves and work to exceed the promises he makes to win business. I can't speak highly enough of my experience with Dana.”

    Raul Azim
    President at BrightDawn
  • “Dana is extremely knowledgable and consistently has his finger on the pulse of the industry; he understands where viable business opportunities exist and how to strategically position his organization to gain new customers while retaining existing customers. Dana provides what is required in order to exceed expectations of his customers and would be a valuable asset to any organization.”

    Brian St. Andre
    Management Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton
  • “While President at Astyra, Dana assisted TECHEAD in navigating the intricacies of a large contract transition with the Commonwealth of Virginia. He was always pleasant to work with, and quick to respond with information and feedback. Engaging and energetic, I highly recommend working with him.”

    Philese Conein
    Founder and CEO at TECHEAD
  • “Dana conceptualized, designed and implemented a highly scalable unified messaging service designed for consumers. Dana's leadership inspired outstanding coordination between several divisions of GTE and a multitude of consulting partners to create a truly innovative service. He posesses a rare ability to lead others by combining visionary thinking and clear, direct, no-nonsense communication.”

    Michael Aarons
    Networking Systems Engineer at Cisco Systems
  • “Dana is a leader who revitalized the division. He is equally adept in business, technology, and motivational leadership. Dana championed a fresh product direction that provided a path to new revenue and a next-generation platform. He added discipline and organization to all the departments, establishing clear responsibilities in a tight-working team, and inspired all to excel.”

    Tom Beres
    Agile Coach at Appian Corporation
  • “Dana is a true visionary in the field of enhanced communications services, contributing to the creation of some of the most innovative and marketable services deployed by top carriers worldwide. Not only is he a genius at architecting great products, he also posses a knack for seeing things through customer's eyes - a trait that made him a legend with the sales team.”

    Joe Mancini
    Vice President, Business Development at AllianceTek



Dana Love is an American business executive who is the Chief Executive Officer at blockchain startup Radpay. A native New Englander, Dana currently resides with his wife and son in Tempe, Arizona.

The photos on the website come from the Marblehead and Swampscott, Massachusetts area where Dana grew up and from the Phoenix, Arizona area where Dana now lives.