Dana Love is an accomplished leader of multiple businesses to $500M+ scale with consistent delivery of strong top and bottom-line results. Best known for his sales team turnaround and revenue growth results, resulting in $3.2B+ in revenue over past 21 years, Love is also known as a magnet for growth in marketing and technology.

His technology leadership in VoIP in the late 90s, in big data in the 2000's, and in blockchain in the 2010's has contributed to the Internet landscape.

Here is how Dana can work with you:

Dana Love helps companies with revenue generation, analytical marketing, technology and due diligence consulting, and more.

Revenue generation is Dana's greatest strength. Primarily in SaaS and consulting services, Love's work has been from startup to $500M+ scale. Creating over $3.2B+ in revenue over the past 21 years means Dana Love has a track record of building direct and channel sales teams, as well as high-performing lead generation and business development teams. Love's ability to grow is matched by his ability to turn around stagnant sales organizations.

Lead generation and relationship selling is what drew Dana to analytical marketing. If your needs include a strong SMB, B2B, or B2G marketing leader, Dana has a history of success. In both interim work and as an employed executive, Love's ability is to engage outbound prospects, to inspire conversion of inbound leads, and to identify targeted audiences with strong product market fit.

And it all began with software. Dana's software development experience began while at school in Marblehead, where he started coding in BASIC and ALGOL68. Leaving New England for college in Virginia, Love learned FORTRAN and MORTRAN. His work in technology includes notable work in building the first cloud-based ERP system (in the mid 90s at Radnet), development of the first carrier-grade VoIP and unified communications platforms in the world (at GTE, now Verizon), and early work in big data systems (as an Oracle partner) and unstructured data analysis (for the US intelligence community at BrightDawn.)

Dana's work in big data, machine learning, blockchain, and VoIP has been written about in Wired, Venture Beat, Richmond's Style Weekly, Oracle’s Profit Magazine, the Financial Times, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and Telephony Magazine.

Revenue Generation

All the leads in the world don't create revenue if they are not properly sold. Dana helps companies implement or improve core selling processes and practices, as well as equip sales teams with the tools they need to be effective.

  • Business development process and scripting
  • Sales slides and presentation approach
  • CRM selection, usage, and dashboarding
  • Process on lead follow up and CRM usage
  • Effective use of marketing content in selling
  • Team selling and customer success transition
  • Ongoing relationship selling
  • Land to expand selling
  • Analytical Marketing

    Key performance indicators are essential to marketing success, and nothing is more central to marketing than lead creation. Dana's experience in product launches and product market fit are well known.

  • Product market fit assessment
  • Segmentation and target market
  • Engaging with outbound prospects
  • Inbound lead conversion methods
  • Marketing automation and CRM alignment
  • Effective development of marketing content
  • Tradeshows and PR management
  • Land to expand marketing
  • Technology and Diligence

    Product market fit starts with the product. Dana Love's work in software architecture, design, and coding spans a dozen industries and includes a range of novel and patent-pending innovations. Dana's ability to inspire a team is exceptional.

  • Product roadmap assessment
  • Global team design and management
  • Code reviews and diligence
  • Patent applications and novel creation
  • Team development and expansion
  • Value identification
  • Full stack tech reviews
  • Cloud and service provider assessment

    Dana's public recommendations use phrases like "truly extraordinary", "terrific mentor", "leaves a lasting positive impression", "extremely knowledgeable", and say Dana Love has "a rare ability to lead others by combining visionary thinking and clear, direct, no-nonsense communication."

    Dana Love helps companies with revenue creation, marketing strategy, lead generation, leads-to-revenue, and more. Consulting arrangements include long-term projects, retainers for ongoing work, diligence review (or prep!), and part-time fractional CRO services.

    Dana has worked primarily with SaaS companies in the edtech, fintech, ecommerce, voip, and database industries. Love's experience is divided between SMB, enterprise, and government. Dana is "not just a sales guy", with technical patents filed under his name in VoIP, blockchain, payment processing, and social media.


    Dana Love is an American business executive who is the Chief Technology Officer at blockchain startup Lifetoken Software. A native New Englander, Dana currently resides with his wife and son in Tempe, Arizona.

    The photos on the website come from the Marblehead and Swampscott, Massachusetts area where Dana grew up and from the Phoenix, Arizona area where Dana now lives.